Siblings {December 2021}

The last SIblings post of the year. I never know how the months go by so quickly and yet, here we are, another year down. LP and Little Man are as awesome as ever, looking forward to Christmas and with just a couple of days left of the school term.

They have had a great month. A day at Drusillas a few weeks ago, many pantomimes and an evening at Waddesdon Manor last weekend. Aside from that, there has been a lot of time at home, a lot of relaxing and a lot of playing.

LP and Little Man are made for winter. They love to hibernate, love time at home and love nothing more than snuggling, playing games and watching movies. This is their month.

Like all children, LP and Little Man have moments where they squabble and a lot of LP and Little Man’s tiffs revolve around Little Man needing to have his way. He wants to hold my hand, wants to sit next to me, wants to have first choice of everything. But this month there seems to be progress, more give and take and more sharing on Little Man’s side. It’s been lovely to see.

And so, I will leave you with our year of Sibling photos. LP and Little Man in their 8th full year together.













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