Siblings is a monthly portrait project where we share photos of LP and Little Man once a month along with a little about where the month has taken them. At the end of the year I share a roundup of all the photos from the year and it’s lovely seeing how the two children have grown as time goes by. All the posts so far in the series are here.


Siblings {August 2019}

Oh August. What a month it has been. All of my photos this month are from our holiday in Mauritius as it took up a big chunk of our month and LP and Little Man got to spend so much time together, experiencing new things together and just enjoying being side by side. It was such a great holiday for LP and Little Man. They spent most of their time…

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Siblings {July 2019}

This has been such a lovely month for LP and Little Man. It’s been full of sunshine, adventures and counting down to the end of term. I can’t believe that this time next month we’ll be a good chunk into the summer and already back from our summer holiday! We started the month with a weekend in Blackpool, somewhere we had never been before. We went to all the Merlin…


Siblings {June 2019}

I seem to say this every month at the moment but oh what a month these two have had. It has been one incredibly full month but one where they have been on so many adventures together. The month started when I was away at the Flea Retreat so they had a weekend with their Daddy where they went to London to see Matilda at the theatre and had a…


Siblings {May 2019}

I’ve sat down to write this post just a couple of days before Siblings day which is unheard of for me. usually I have a draft post ready, filling it with photos as the month works its way round but this time I had no draft ready at all. This month has gone so quickly and we have been so busy that it has felt like we’ve been adding extra…


Siblings {April 2019}

This month has been such a lovely, full month. So much so that I completely forgot it was Siblings day today. Usually I have this post ready a few days in advance but it caught me by surprise this month. Somehow LP and Little Man managed to have a lot of time at home this month. I think it’s been the one month of the year where we’ve had down…


Siblings {March 2019}

Oh what a month it has been for this pair. The weather has mostly been pretty awful – windy, rainy and just grey and dreary. But, in between the showers there have been so sunnier or just dry days that we’ve made the most of. We went to Newquay for a weekend which the children really enjoyed. They got to spend time on the beach, walking along the coast and…


Siblings {February 2019}

February – the month where it snowed. That is pretty much all LP and Little Man are going to remember about this month and that’s fine by me as the last few weeks have been pretty busy but uneventful and it’s nice that the snow gave us all a little highlight. We started the month at the Solent Hotel at the coast and the children loved their matching robes and…