Siblings is a monthly portrait project where we share photos of LP and Little Man once a month along with a little about where the month has taken them. At the end of the year I share a roundup of all the photos from the year and it’s lovely seeing how the two children have grown as time goes by. All the posts so far in the series are here.


Siblings {May 2014}

This month’s Siblings is more about the start of something than the month that has been, Sunny days make it easier for LP and Little Man to play together, Opposite sides of the water table, not playing together really but enjoying the same thing, Occupying the same space. LP had last summer to practice with the water table, she knows it inside out, For Little Man it’s something new, a…

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Siblings {April 2014}

This month’s Siblings signifies the start of our Summer, the seats are back on the swing and LP has already chosen which one she’d like – “Brother goes in blue seat, My have green seat!” Last summer Little Man had just been born, this Summer he’s nearly a toddler. His first times on a swing in our back garden, he loves the swings just as much as his Sister does…


Siblings {March 2014}

I took these photos before I realised the white balance on my camera was on the wrong setting. The colour’s wrong in the photos but I love them anyway! This month has seen Little Man continue to follow his sister everywhere, to try and play with her and even try and occupy the same space as her. If LP is playing with something, Little Man wants to play with it…


Siblings {February 2014}

I started joining in with Siblings last month as a way of trying to capture my two children’s growing bond and last month’s photos were very much staged – Getting them both to sit and play on our bed together. This month is a whole new story. Little man has learnt to crawl and he is now intent on playing with his Sister whether she likes it or not! I…


Siblings {January 2014}

Throughout my pregnancy with Little Man I wondered what LP would be like as a Big Sister. LP spent my whole pregnancy lifting my top to kiss my belly and blow raspberries on it, whilst saying ‘Bay-beeee’. I don’t think she really understood, and I doubt she remembers that time now but for me it was one of the loveliest parts of my pregnancy. Circumstances meant that LP was present…