Siblings {July 2014}

I took this month’s Siblings photos when the children were on their first Bigjigs Play Patrol Mission. They were in their uniforms, playing with their new Bigjigs toys and for once occupying the same space, content in their togetherness.

Siblings {July 2014}

I have not seen the children sit so close together, playing happily before. Usually LP is telling Little Man to stay away from her toys and occasionally lashing out to try and express herself. Little Man just stares at her, confused, unsure what is happening or what will happen next. This time though, the children were happy. Happy and playing with each other’s toys!

Eventually though, LP didn’t want her brother so close any more, she said the familiar “Get away from me” and the moment was gone. I am so glad to have got that one moment of happy togetherness on camera as I am sure it’s the beginning of something, the start of them playing together and sharing toys. I know as time goes on their age gap will become less apparent. When Little Man is three and LP is nearly five they will play easily, both being able to run, talk, laugh. For now though, whilst Little Man can’t walk and can’t express himself it’s more difficult for our siblings to play together. This month’s photos are symbolic of the future that is yet to be.

Siblings {July 2014}

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  1. Ha, I love these photos, capturing a moment of closeness then reality kicks in. I know Lucas is going to find it so hard when the twins can get to his toys, oh it will not go down well. They do look cute there though with their little caps on xx

  2. What a lovely moment to capture, even if it was fleeting. I know Meg and Eli play a lot nicer together now they are older (although they still have their moments) – there is definitely a change that comes when the youngest moves out of the little stage and can interact more.

  3. Awwww, I alway love seeing children play alongside one another like this, just so content in each other’s company by getting on with their own thing. So cute! x

  4. Donna seriously…are you trying to kill me with cuteness? lol! How adorable are those two in their wee Bigjigs uniforms!! Lovely post and super duper CUTE photos! x

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