Siblings {February 2023}

I don’t know where this year is going. Our second Siblings post of the year already – and I’m writing this a couple of days late but backdating it – whoops!

My excuse is that we were away on holiday and I actually managed to step away from the laptop for the week. It was lovely to have a real break and spend some quality time with my favourite people.

This month has mainly been full of down time for LP and Little Man. They’ve had loads of sleepovers together in the spare room, have had lazy mornings playing screens and have had evenings watching movies with us as a family. It’s been lovely.

But, amongst the downtime we have had some little adventures too. We finished January going to Brooklands Museum which was a lovely, but freezing, day out. LP and Little Man loved getting to sit in planes, have a concorde simulator experience and walk through big planes from years gone by. It was a great day out.

And we finished our Siblings month in Cornwall, spending February half term with a weekend in Devon and a few days in Cornwall. It was lovely.

We went to Lands End, the Cornish Seal Sanctuary, the Eden Project and Cardinham Woods as well as plenty of arcades – and we had a lovely afternoon tea at the Esplanade Hotel too. It was a really nice break away and LP and Little Man loved it.

The holiday featured lots of little adventures, games in the evenings, simple food and swimming. It was just what we all needed to break up the long winter and LP and Little Man are already excited for where our next adventures will take us.

All in all, LP and Little Man have had a lovely month. And, LP has also started picking up Little Man from school one day a week when the timings work out well. They’re a little team and, although they have their grouchy moments, it’s lovely to see them remain so close as they grow.

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