Siblings {March 2023}

Another month that has gone by in a flash. Honestly, they say that life goes quicker as you get older and I’m now really starting to feel it, Every month rolls so quickly into the next.

LP and Little Man have had another lovely month, full of down time, time at home, relaxing, sleepovers and simple things. We have also had time with friends, days out and mini adventures but it’s definitely been a month mostly spent indoors.

We had a day out in Brighton that the children loved, going on the i360 and doing a Treasure Trail. I love seeing them work as a team, take it in turns at things and just enjoy being together.

We are well and truly into this academic year and LP and Little Man have dealt with the changes that has brought really well. LP now picks Little Man up from school at least once a week and often meets us to walk home on other days too.

LP and Little Man have a new routine but they both really like it – and Little Man can’t wait to join his sister at secondary school when the time comes. It’s coming round far too quickly!

For now, they spend evenings and weekends together, playing Switch games, Minecraft, Roblox and watching funny cat videos. They make each other laugh and enjoy each other’s company. It’s lovely to see – and long may it continue.

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