Silver Cross Surf Board Review

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Over the last few weeks we have been lucky enough to review the Silver Cross Surf 2 along with the coordinating Silver Cross Surf Board. The Surf Board is made specifically for the Silver Cross Surf and I couldn’t wait to test it out.

Review: Silver Cross Surf Board

Why would we need a Silver Cross Surf Board?

Like most parents with two children we went through our fair share of double pushchairs and they served their purpose for a time but it got to the point where LP didn’t want to be in a pushchair, wanted more independence and wanted to walk but she didn’t have the stamina to walk long distances, she would get tired easily and yet refused to get back in the stroller. At this point a buggy board seemed like the right decision.

Review: Silver Cross Surf Board

How easy is the Silver Cross Surf Board to fit?

The Silver Cross Surf Board is put together in seconds – just by attaching the swivel wheels. You are then able to attach the Surf Board to the Surf 2. This is incredibly easy, you literally push the red buttons in on the Surf Board axel, twist anti clockwise, line the Surf Board up with the back wheels of the Surf 2 and then twist clockwise again. The Surf Board is then firmly in place. I’ve made a little video to show you how simple it is:

The handle on the Surf 2 extends to accommodate the Surf Board passenger and the space on the Surf Board is a lot bigger than other buggy boards we have seen and tried out. LP has loved riding on the Surf Board from the moment it arrived and climbs onto it willingly and easily.

How did we find the Silver Cross Surf Board to use?

I was worried that LP may have problems when the Surf Board goes over uneven ground or down kerbs but as yet she hasn’t had any issues at all. As long as I warn her in advance and she holds onto the pushchair handle she is even happy to bump down kerbs which is fantastic. The only times I have had to ask her to get off the board is when we go up a kerb but generally I will find flat places to go up and down kerbs so that LP has the smoothest of rides.

Review: Silver Cross Surf Board

The Surf Board comes with a handy strap to hook the Surf Board up when not in use and is a really clever idea. This isn’t something that we have used much just yet but when LP starts nursery in September this will be a very useful feature! It’s easy to attach and keeps the Surf Board far out of the way.

Review: Silver Cross Surf Board
Review: Silver Cross Surf Board

Could you use the Surf Board with a car seat?

The Silver Cross Surf bundle we used didn’t come with a car seat. However, there are compatible car seats available. If you were to use the Surf with a car seat the Surf Board would still work perfectly – making it fantastic to use from birth. It would also work well with a carry cot and any other similar accessories.

Were there any negatives with the Silver Cross Surf Board?

The only slight issue with the Surf Board is that LP can easily use the brake on the Surf 2 whilst she’s standing on the Surf Board. She isn’t quite able to disengage the brake as there is a panel that covers the button to take the brake off when the Surf Board is attached but the foot pedal to engage the brake is very much visible and within reach. This doesn’t cause too much of a problem now that I’m aware of it and she knows not to touch the brake.

There really aren’t any other issues with the SilverCross Surf Board. The buggyboard compliments the Surf 2 perfectly, is made of lightweight aluminum and has air filled puncture resistant tyres and it’s own suspension. The Surf Board is fantastic and a must buy for any Surf owner with a second child. In hindsight, if I had investigated pushchairs more when we were pregnant with LP the Surf would have been a great investment. I could have managed with a baby carrier in the first months until LP was confident enough to stand comfortably on the Surf Board and cut out the whole double buggy or double stroller stage completely!

If you are looking for more buggy board options we’ve also written Lascal Buggy Board Maxi reviews but if you have a Silver Cross Surf then the Surf Board really is the best option. Silver Cross also now have the Silver Cross Wave stroller and the Silver Cross Coast both of which have a stroller board available.

The Surf Board buggy board for Silver Cross has an RRP of £75 and we’ve also previously reviewed the Lascal Buggyboard Maxi.

Silver Cross Surf Board Review


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  1. I have the silver cross surf (which I have loved) and am about to have baby #2. I want to get the surf board so my 2 yr old can ride on it when he tires of walking, but I can’t see that when the seat is laid flat for the baby nest, that there’ll be enough room for him to stand on the board. I think the seat will overhang the board. Did you try this out / can you try this out and let me know?

    Thanks so much

    1. Hi Anna,

      I’ve had the seat laid flat and used the board when our Little Man has been asleep and LP stands kind of ‘around’ the seat unit so it’s in her way but not enough to be an issue. I’m sure it would be the same situation with the carrycot but as the carrycot would be parent facing I don’t think you would have as much of a problem as the main bulk of the carrycot – the hood etc would be the opposite end to the handle. I hope that makes sense! If I can be of any more help please get in touch.

      Thanks for reading

      Donna x

  2. Was the board ever in the way, i.e. did you kick it? I’m very tall with a long stride and worries I’ll kick the board when I walk. So far this combo looks the best for that issue. Thanks for your review, found it useful… I want one 🙂

    1. Hi Amy, We still use this pushchair with the board almost daily for the school run. We’ve never kicked the board – even my husband who’s nearly 6ft doesn’t kick it. I think the extending handle really helps. We also had, before this pushchair, the Lascal board and that we kicked quite a lot but it was still a great investment – but the kicking was annoying! x

  3. My two pence worth…turned out I had the old model pushchair so the board did jut out a bit too far as it was designed for the new model. I’m also very tall and I kicked it ALL THE TIME and had to walk in a little waddle to avoid it. But it was 100% worth it and I used it constantly for about a year. I literally don’t know how I would have got anything done without it

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