Siblings {February 2020}

This month has been a pretty average winter month for us. We have had so much time at home, time to relax and get jobs done, time to do nothing and time together.

LP and Little Man have loved the time at home. They’ve built so much Lego, watched so many movies and have had more carpet picnics than I can remember. They’ve really enjoyed the slower pace.

The last month has seen both LP and Little Man get sick at different times, which has changed our plans and kept us at home even more. They’re both better now thankfully and their sickness passes swiftly.

Aside from that I don’t think we’ve done anything more exciting than soft play. If you’re a regular reader you’ll know that we are always somewhere, always doing something and we never sit still for long. But, the last month has been all about staying at home – and it’s been lovely.

As the weather gets warmer and drier we’ll be doing a lot more away from home but, this month, being at home has been just what we’ve needed. Now, LP and Little Man are looking forward to spring.

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