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Welcome back to another week of the Ordinary Moments. If you haven’t joined in before this is a weekly linky that launches every Sunday morning and is open until midnight on the following Saturday. It’s a linky that celebrates any ordinary moments in your life – or the not so ordinary some weeks too. Basically – anything goes. I’ll be sharing and commenting on the posts that are linked up during the week and there’s a badge at the bottom of the post if you’d like to add it to yours too.

I remember my own parents evenings as a child. It’s a time that always made me nervous despite being a good student, enjoying school and doing well. At secondary school my reports were a mixed bag. As I was bullied so much I was very introvert, didn’t participate in class and didn’t do many extra curricular activities either. But, I was still a good student and despite everything I did the best I could under the circumstances, leaving school with all but one of my GCSEs at A-C grade.

LP and Little Man are both like me academically. They both want to learn, love school and thrive being around creativity, new information and people who inspire them. Unlike me, they both participate a lot. They both put their hand up, take part in group activities and really enjoy everything that school throws at them.

But, parents evening as a parent is still something that makes me nervous. It’s a time when not only are teachers telling you how your children are doing but they’re also showing you how much of an impact what you do at home has on them too.

Do you read at home with the children? Do you practice spellings? Do you ask the children maths questions on long journeys? Do you support their learning by talking to them about their day, what they’ve learnt and doing homework with them? All of these things feel like they’re under the spotlight on parents evening.

Each parents evening I think of things to ask the teacher about and things to talk about. Things we’ve noticed at home or have been working on and, more often than not, the teacher will bring it up first anyway.

LP is the youngest in her year. Most of her friends are nine already but she has six months still of being eight. My hope for her has always been to keep up with her peers, to be where she should be with her learning and for the fact she’s a summer baby not hold her back.

And at this parents evening she was right where she should be – and exceeding expectations in her reading where she is really far ahead. I am so proud of her for working so hard and enjoying it at the same time.

Little Man, on the other hand, was born right in the middle of the academic year. He’s always been average height, average weight. But, he loves learning. At the start of the year we had to work on his handwriting as his head went faster than his hands could keep up with. He’s now fixed his handwriting and his thirst for learning hasn’t stopped.

Little Man reads so well, so fast, and understands everything he reads. He can do maths so easily and he’s working on adding more depth to his writing. Overall he is a clever little bean who just loves to do well at school.

I couldn’t be more proud of LP and Little Man. We’ve always made their education a priority but we have also had so many days out, holidays and little adventures. Life has been so busy for them both and we are often squeezing official school reading and homework into the gaps between days out or before bed. It’s a juggling act but, it works. LP and Little Man are both doing so well and I really couldn’t ask for more.

Frugi sent the children their outfits in this post – and I wish they had them in my size! You know how much our family love a rainbow.

The Ordinary Moments

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  1. Aww well done you two 🙂 . I love that they are so confident to put their hands up , i would never do that in school! Use to dread it if the teacher asked me to answer a question, now you can’t shut me up! 🙂

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