Siblings {November 2023}

Another month gone by so fast. This month for LP and Little Man was all about our break at Potters Resort in Norfolk where they go to do so many new activities together. Around that they’ve pretty much been attached to screens, playing Roblox, watching movies and catching up on favourite TV shows.

As each month passes it’s getting closer to the time that LP and Little Man will be at school together again – both at secondary school. They always love being together at school but I know secondary is a whole new chapter, and one Little Man is a bit apprehensive about. But, it will be nice to see how their relationship develops at secondary school – whether they love walking to school together again or end up hating it!

As they’ve grown, their relationship has gone through peaks and troughs. They have days where they argue and bicker but on the whole they love each other, get on and appreciate having a sibling so close to their own age and with similar interests. They’re such an awesome pair.

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