Siblings {July 2023}

Everything else this month seems to fade into insignificance compared to losing our beautiful Leia last week. For me, the month has been mostly spent in a state of sadness. However, the children didn’t know that we had to say goodbye to Leia until the day before – and they bounced back relatively quickly afterwards. LP and Little Man have managed to have a nice month together.

This month the children have had time with friends and family. There have been loads of days spent in the sun and we’ve been zooming forward to the end of term – with just a week left to go until the summer holidays are here!

We had a really lovely day at Thorpe Park, with LP helping Little Man to find his brave for the bigger rides and being his cheerleader when he went on something – and actually enjoyed it. It was a great day, somewhere we haven’t been as a family for years, and we all had a really nice time.

The children also did GoApe together at the start of the month, with LP needing Little Man’s help to find her brave this time. They did the Adventure Plus course which is one step down from the full adult course, with two different courses to work around.

They both did so well – and LP loved it by the end. They went round four times, doing each course twice in their hour time slot and it’s something they’re raring to do again.

Aside from losing Leia, the month has been a good one for the children and it’s lovely to see them championing each other, being there for eachother and working together to fight their fears. They are a pretty awesome pair.

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