Siblings {June 2014}

Little Man and Little Pickle have now been siblings for over a year.

They know each other, they’re used to each other, they’re always together.

For them there was nothing before them being siblings.

It’s something they always will be, always have been.

But in that brother and sister way they love each other

and at the same time they grate on each other, annoying one another.

LP will often hit out at Little Man and he won’t understand.

She’ll shout at him and tell him off and he will stare with big open eyes, confused.

Little Man idolises his sister. He wants to be with her, occupy the same space as her.

Little Pickle tolerates her brother mostly, loves him but finds it hard to show it.

Every so often though, Little Pickle will show her love for him without even thinking about it.

Little Pickle will go and sit with her brother, close enough but not too close that he bothers her.

Siblings {June 2014}

The siblings will sit and watch TV together, in their own world but together.

Siblings {June 2014}

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  1. Ahh parts of this sounds so similar to my two. Tiger adores Cherry and always wants to be near her but she doesn’t always welcome it, things are so much better than they were though and generally we are having lots of time where they get along really nicely. Lovely photos x

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