Siblings {June 2015}

This month has been such a great one for the children with holidays to both Bluestone in Wales and Center Parcs in Cumbria. They have played so much this month and LP and Little Man have really loved having each other for company.

Dave was watching the children play out the window the other day and he commented that they really are the best of friends. And they really are. They play constantly, sometimes bicker, sometimes have disagreements but are always there for each other. They are the first person the other looks for in the morning and they always make a point of saying goodnight to each other.

Siblings {June 2015}

When Little Man was a baby it was easy to take photos of him and LP for this post each month as he didn’t move anywhere and would happily sit next to his sister. When he got a bit bigger and could crawl or cruise around furniture it became more difficult as he could move but not quite as far or fast as his sister.

Siblings {June 2015}

Recently though, Little Man and LP have been like shadows, two peas in a pod in everything that they do. Where she is, he is and they can more often than not be found side by side and so it is once again easy to take these photos each month. They will never be posed pictures, just normal photos in our day to day life but I love that I am capturing their relationship as it grows.

Siblings {June 2015}

LP and Little Man have the relationship I hoped they would have since I found out I was pregnant with my second child and I just hope it continues to grow and flourish.

Siblings {June 2015}


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  1. It is lovely to see them growing closer all the time, since Little Man was on the move. They do look to be the best of friends now. Our photos are like that, too, just moments captured as they enjoy one another’s company x

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