Siblings {February 2015}

This has been a lovely month for LP and Little Man. LP has had her mornings at preschool whilst Little Man has played with Daddy or I at home and then when he naps in the afternoon LP enjoyed some one on one time with us too – crafting, drawing, playing or watching a movie. But around those times LP and Little Man are together – breakfast, walking to school, school pick up, lunchtime, after Little Man’s nap and the rest of the day until bed.

Siblings {February 2015}

LP still helps Little Man constantly although he needs less help as the months go by. He will often be seen passing things to her, or sharing toys and between them they have grown companionable, happy to share the same space and lovely to watch together.

Siblings {February 2015}

They are happiest when they are together. Sitting side by side in swings, walking hand in hand or just sitting together on the sofa. They chase each others, hide from each other, make tents together and love making each other laugh. They are a perfect pair.

Siblings {February 2015}

LP and Little Man miss each other when the other is not there. They say goodnight to each other and can’t wait to run in and wake the other one up in the morning. This month has been lovely for LP and Little Man as a duo, it feels now like there are very few fights and fall outs and a huge majority of the time is spent happily, as it should be.

Siblings {February 2015}

I look back at those first months. The months that were so hard and I know that they are totally behind us now. Our family unit is as it should be, the four of us work perfectly together and the children couldn’t be happier with each other. I am so glad we had the children close together and seeing them playing with the same things, having near enough the same size feet and weighing the same as each other they really are two peas in a pod – apart from the hair colour of course!


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