Siblings {June 2016}

In our lives now, with Dave and I working opposite each other – including weekends – and LP being at school, we really don’t get much family time at all. The children nearly always have one parent present or their grandparents but the times where all four of us are together are definitely few and far between. But this isn’t a problem, it just means that we use annual leave from work wisely and make the most of every opportunity we have to be together. It’s these times where the children seem to get great quality time together too.

Siblings {June 2016}

This monthย we went to the Isle of Wight for half term and the children were inseparable, going to kids clubs together, swimming together, being superheroes together – just being together.

Siblings {June 2016}

LP and Little Man loved having every day together. They had a bedroom each for the holiday but instead decided to share bedrooms each night, switching beds and changing rooms – a different arrangement each night. On the one night they decided to have their own rooms LP cried because she missed Little Man so much and they shared each night after that.

Siblings {June 2016}
Siblings {June 2016}

Each morning they would run to find the other one. They would have a good morning cuddle and then climb into bed with us before getting breakfast – choosing the same things each day. Through the day they would choose the same things to do, play the same games and copy each other wherever possible.

Siblings {June 2016}
Siblings {June 2016}

LP and Little Man are so close they could be the same person sometimes. If I’m looking the other way I often think that a tiny voice belongs to the other one and they will happily talk together, play together and yes, argue. But they are best friends as well as siblings and as close to two halves of the same whole as you can get. They are our little Tweedledum and Tweedledee. Two peas in a pod. Our siblings.


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  1. Aaww this is lovely Donna โ€” I know just what you mean too! Sometimes I look at B&C and think they are one and the same too โ€” you certainly couldn’t have one without the other, they come as a pair ๐Ÿ™‚ Lovely to see your ittles with the same lovely relationship xx

  2. Oh this is such a lovely post and adorable photos! Our two are just the same, it’s so lovely to see how close they are. I had no siblings living with me growing up (although I do have half-siblings) and I love seeing the bond between them, it’s so special.

  3. It is weird when they sound the same isn’t it? LJ is old enough now that her voice is beginning to sound like her sister’s and I am always getting confused as to who is talking to me! That is so lovely that they enjoyed sleeping together, mine do that once a week now and love it. Although G declared the other day that LJ dribbles too munch so she had to climb up onto her bunk to escape haha!!! #TheSiblingsProject x

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