Siblings {November 2022}

Another month that has flown by. I also realised that I’ve missed two Siblings updates this year – last month and in August when we were on holiday. Time is going so quickly that I don’t even realise I’ve forgotten them until ages after!

LP and Little Man are as awesome as ever. They have a great relationship and despite them getting older, they are still each other’s favourite people.

They love doing things together – and went to squash club for 6 weeks which I know they enjoyed more because they were both doing it, having something to talk about and a common interest. This is the same with swimming lessons where, although they don’t go at the same time, they can talk about how they’re doing and what new skills they’ve learnt.

They also still love sleepovers, getting up early to play computer games together or snuggling up in the evening, giggling over a movie that Dave and I don’t understand. Some of the cartoons they enjoy are just so odd!

LP and Little Man have definitely settled into their new routine now – with LP at secondary school and Little Man at primary for another couple of years. They still do homework together after school and have clubs on the same days so their evening routines are very much the same.

So, things here are much the same – great. LP and Little Man have a great relationship and love having each other. They’re much happier when they’re together and they’re a pretty perfect double act. They make us laugh so much!

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