Siblings {November 2021}

I can’t quite believe I’m writing my penultimate Siblings post of the year. It feels like yesterday we were getting locked down for Christmas and yet it’s nearly that time of year again! Hopefully without the lockdown this year.

LP and Little Man have had a good month, despite so many things. This time last month Little Man and I had covid, swiftly followed by LP and so it wrote off a good chunk of time for us all. But, we were still able to go to Wales for half term once our isolation finished and LP and Little Man had a great time there together.

I don’t know what it is, but sometimes LP and Little Man love nothing more than a sleepover but at others, given the opportunity, they love their own space and to have a room all to themselves. So, as we had the space, they had a bedroom each on holiday and not a sleepover in sight!

They also loved swimming together, learning to segway together, doing an aerial adventure and pedalo-ing in the rain! They also worked together to collect tokens on the arcade machine, choosing what they wanted to swap them all for at the end of the break. They’re a real team and I really cherish that in them.

We’ve had some other lovely days out that LP and Little Man have really enjoyed – a belated birthday trip to Windsor for me, a trip to Kew Gardens and a day at Beaulieu as well as so many other days out on the way to and from Wales for half term. Looking back, I’m surprised how much we’ve done over the last month, at times it’s felt like we’ve just been at home!

LP and Little Man have also worked together a lot this month to help me with blog work. They’re at the age now where they understand how important my work is, and that being a blogger enables me to be at home with them as well as getting nice things for them both to enjoy. They know it’s not all free toys and they actually really like helping with photos and testing things now too.

There was a time I worried that they would grow up wanting to be influencers or YouTube stars but, they both seem quite grounded – or as grounded as you can be at 8 and 10. LP is always asking about different jobs and how you get to do them, thinking about where she’ll be when her school days are over.

Little Man on the other hand just wants to be an astronaut or work in the space industry. He’s definitely aiming high, our Little Man, and who knows where he’ll be if he really sets his mind on it.


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