Siblings {May 2023}

This month has not been the best one for me and so I haven’t taken as many photos as I typically would. However, that time has now passed and normal service will resume going forward.

Despite me not having the best month, LP and Little Man have had a lovely one. Last month I said how we’d been away to Barcelona and since then it’s been non-stop for this pair.

They were back at school the very next day and it’s been full steam ahead to the next holidays. I can’t believe they have such a short time left of this school year. It’s gone by so fast – and LP and Little Man are halfway to being at the same school again!

Over the last month the children have loved spending time with family, having a day at Portchester Castle with the Scrapbook Blog gang and watching the Coronation at home whilst Daddy helped police it up in London.

The highlight of the month, though, was Little Man’s birthday. He turned ten and had a sleepover with two of his closest friends plus a VR experience. It’s something I think they’ll be doing a lot more of in the future.

We also had time with friends and family for his birthday – and an obligatory McDonalds that evening. It’s been a lovely month for this pair and I’m looking forward to being more present for them both now too.

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