Siblings {October 2018}

LP and Little Man have had such a lovely month – although it’s been quite a tough month too. September and October are always hard. I’ve written before about how this term is definitely the hardest one of the year. The weather changes massively, the mornings are dark, it’s cold and it just feels so long after the wonderful weeks of the summer that we had.

Siblings {October 2018}

Because of this, LP and Little Man are tired. They’ve also had runny noses and coughs and are finding going to school each day, swimming each week and really just our whole routine a little much. So, over the last few weeks we haven’t done much as a family. No big adventures apart from a weekend in a yurt and that has really set the pace for the next few months too.

Siblings {October 2018}

The children are in hibernation mode. They like being at home, wearing their PJs and dressing gowns and doing a whole lot of nothing and so it’s easy to fall into that routine, enjoying quiet time at home and just going at the children’s pace. I’m finding that I learn a lot from LP and Little Man and the one thing I have learnt since summer came to an end is that it’s really nice to have weekends at home.

Siblings {October 2018}

But over the last few weeks LP and Little Man have enjoyed more simple time together – having sleepovers at home whilst Little Man’s bedroom was decorated and carpet fitted and then missing each other when they were in their own rooms again.

Siblings {October 2018}

They have settled into the routine of being at different school campuses, only seeing each other at pick up and drop off. They have dealt with that amazingly and I think they both love school enough independently to not need to lean on the other one during the school day.

Siblings {October 2018}

Little Man is noticeably taller than LP now and I have had other children on the school run ask how old Little Man is and comment that he’s bigger than his big sister. But, however big they both get, however tall Little Man becomes compared to his sister, however many years pass, I know that these two will always be happy together.



  1. October 15, 2018 / 10:21 am

    I was super careful to make sure that we kept this half term really quiet too – it’s always a long one full of lurgy and new routine isn’t it.

  2. October 22, 2018 / 10:58 pm

    Aww, they are always so lovely together – I love reading about how well they get on, it gives me hope for my two! We’ve not being doing much this half term either – school runs and swimming seem like plenty for them to cope with at the moment. #SiblingsProject

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