The First Term is the Hardest {The Ordinary Moments}

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The First Term is the Hardest {The Ordinary Moments}

How long has this term been? I don’t know whether it’s because this year both Little Man and LP are at school or whether I just can’t remember last year, but this term is definitely the hardest. And I think every year this term is just so hard.

In the morning I have to wake the children up in their dark rooms and with darkness still outside the windows. They spend the morning ratty and tired whilst we have breakfast and get our things together for the day.

After school I pick them up and they are rattier and even more tired. They walk back to the car with slow feet under a sky that is already turning darker. The day always feels over before it’s begun.

When home we get changed – which is a constant battle – and when we’re back downstairs the children are emotional and tetchy. They don’t want to do homework. They don’t even want to play. Really they just want to go to bed and so dragging out those couple of hours until dinner, bath and bed is hard work.

We try to fill it with activities. The children help me to cook dinner or we bake a treat. We might do crafts together or write Christmas cards but, more often than not, we climb on the sofa together and watch TV or a Christmas movie.

At the moment the days are so short but so incredibly long. We are counting down to the school holidays and looking forward to a lay in, lazy days and festiveness. Time to sleep, time to relax and time to just be without school, work and routines.

This term is so, so long and definitely the hardest one of the year.

The First Term is the Hardest {The Ordinary Moments}
The Ordinary Moments

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5 thoughts on “The First Term is the Hardest {The Ordinary Moments}”

  1. I so agree with you on this, I find the first half hard because I am not ready for the summer to be over and then the last bit is just so overwhelming for everyone with school activities that home time is definitely chill out time. Now we are broke up it all seems s o much calmer and I love it! #OrdinaryMoments p/s I’m so sorry I’m late the past few weeks, must do better in 2018!

  2. Yes this is a looonnngggg and hard term! The kids break up tomorrow and are pretty much what you describe! The last week or so we have totally just spent it watching Tv/Movies! Roll on Christmas and a break!
    Have a good one Donna xx

  3. Couldn’t agree more! Monkey struggled last year and I thought that was because it was his first term but he’s been just as bad this time round… roll on Christmas I think we could all do with a break x


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