Siblings {June 2023}

I’m not sure where the last 6 months have gone. How are we half way through this year already – and ploughing towards the end of the school year?!

LP and Little Man have had a really lovely month, with a weekend at a local hotel with Dave and I followed swiftly by half term with our besties in Hayling Island. It’s been a fun, full month and one with a lot of quality time together.

LP and Little Man are loving these last weeks of the school year. Full of school trips, sports days, events and activities, they’re a highlight of the calendar. LP is especially loving wearing PE kit to school as it’s too hot for uniform!

I look at LP and Little Man and hardly see the tiny tots that they once were. They’re both so big now, speeding towards their teens, full of opinions, knowledge and interests. It’s all gone by so fast but, as I say all the time, the current time is always the best. Seeing them develop their own personalities, talents and tastes is a joy. LP has her own solid taste in music now that always intrigues me!

The next weeks are full with more weekend adventures, more time with friends and the last few things on the school calendar for the term – and then it will be the summer! Something we are all so ready for. A whole summer with these two? I cannot wait.

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