Siblings {January 2021}

Oh what a month this has been. To think that this time last month we were counting down to a Christmas with a handful of people closest to us – not knowing that a few days before Christmas it would all be cancelled.

LP and Little Man have been absolute superstars throughout. They have been understanding, resilient and just so grown up. It makes me sad that they have to have such resilience already but it definitely makes everything easier that they are just rolling with whatever the pandemic throws at us.

We had a very quiet Christmas but the children still loved it. Father Christmas came, we did all of our usual traditions like leaving reindeer food out, watching festive movies and doing Christmas crafts.

New Year was even more quiet – with the children happy to go to bed before midnight, staying up just an hour later to watch a movie in bed.

Since then they have been in a school at home routine, although they didn’t know they weren’t going back to school until they woke up in the morning asking whether they should get their uniform on!

They’re both used to school at home now. They do their best, work hard and just get on with it. I am so incredibly proud of them both. School has always been really important to them, they love to learn and that doesn’t stop just because we’re at home.

They also both have daily Zoom type sessions with their teacher and class which really helps too. During the first lockdown there was a real lack of contact and they really missed the social interaction. That is definitely better this time.

I’m expecting the next couple of months to be similar. More time at home, more school at home and not much else to report but, one thing is for sure, these two couldn’t be happier with each other for company. Best friends and siblings. It makes everything easier.

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