Siblings {August 2021}

Last month’s siblings post was a week before the end of the school term so this month has been pretty much all summer holidays. The children finished school the following Monday and we had a couple of days at the seaside, LP got her ears pierced and then we went off to Shropshire for a week with our friends.

It was a great way to kick off the holidays and LP and Little Man had so much time together and with their friends. It was so lovely after the confines of the pandemic – and rescheduling the holiday so many times.

We went to all the Ironbridge Gorge Museums, Cadbury World, BeWILDerwood in Cheshire and a new National Trust on our way up. It was more than we’d done in such a long time and we all loved it.

Since we’ve been home we haven’t done a huge amount. We had a day at Amberley Museum with Lauren and the kids – rescheduled from Christmas due to the pandemic, and have seen a few other friends but mainly just enjoyed a slower pace at home.

This summer is harder for LP and Little Man. They’ve spent so much time together due to homeschooling that having six weeks together isn’t the novelty and luxury it used to be. There’s a lot more bickering than usual and they’re much more tired too so the slower pace is really working for us.

But, we have a couple of little breaks filling the last of the holidays that I’ll tell you about next month. We’re not going abroad though – I couldn’t handle the stress of that right now – and LP and Little Man just love spending time at home.

Lazy mornings full of screen time, playing in the garden, water play when the weather’s nice and just enjoying everything that being at home brings with it.

So the last month has been lovely. Busier than normal, with a lot of time together and so much down time. It’s been a good balance and I’m hoping the return to school doesn’t come round too quickly!

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