A Whole Decade of Little Man!

Dear Little Man

How are you ten already? A whole decade since you completed our family. A whole decade of loving you. It has gone by so fast but every step has been a joy.

We were talking just yesterday about how much of a rush you were in to get into the world, arriving 16 days early and needing a little stint in hospital before coming home. From there you were a gorgeous chunky toddler, a sweet, kind, emotional little boy and now you are ten. Funny, individual, caring and just unapologetically you. It has been a pleasure to watch you grow.

You are in Year 5 at school and doing so well. You’re really clever and know so many facts but, you are also keen to help your peers, making sure that everyone is doing their best.

You still love to read and love the Dog Man, Cat Kid and Bunny vs Monkey books as well as Phoenix Comic and Minecraft Magazines. You haven’t started reading big chapter books yet, much preferring books that have a lot of pictures that make you laugh but you’re always reading something.

You got glasses this year – although mostly to see the board at school clearly and to watch things that are far away. You don’t wear them as often as you should but you’re getting better as time goes on.

You are pretty much average height and average size for your age and have size 4.5 feet at the moment – mainly because you have really tall feet.

Since your last birthday we have been to Florida – where you built your own lightsaber. You now want to go back to Disney as soon as possible to build a droid! There was only so much we could do in one trip.

We also discovered in Florida that you’re not keen on big rollercoasters, with you and I happily sitting out whilst Daddy and LP play daredevils on them all!

We went to Barcelona too, spending four days walking miles, seeing the sights and learning so much about the city. It was a great holiday but your favourite part was having your very first Whopper – and a Junior Whopper too. You talked about that Whopper for days and it was definitely a highlight of the trip.

You are still fussier than your sister where food is concerned but you will now eat lettuce in burgers and wraps which is a massive step forward. Your favourite thing is still chicken nuggets and you’ll always try and get us to buy 20 of them just for you!

You absolutely love the Whopper song and have discovered the Duck Songs too this year. Funny songs are something that make you really laugh and it’s great to see how much joy they bring you. We even made you a playlist to put on in the car!

This year you’ve had your bedroom updated, with a new grown up bed, a desk and all your Star Wars things everywhere. We have made a few crystal art pictures for your room and you have more Grogu toys than I can count, as well as an axolotl and a few other special cuddlies. I love how much you still love soft toys.

This year you had your first school residential, as well as a sleepover at a friend’s house. Your first experience of sleeping away from home. This was a massive step for you but one I know you’re glad to have taken. You had friends sleepover at our house for your birthday and you’re looking forward to your next residential trip too.

Lego is still one of your most favourite things and Star Wars Lego is definitely top of your loves right now. You also love Minecraft, Roblox and Star Wars games on the Xbox – although I think you’d give them all up for your own VR!

You still go to swimming lessons – although you want to give them up as soon as you can. You’re zooming through the stages as quickly as you can in the hope that you learn as much as they can teach you and can then give up the lessons! We’ll see.

This year you stepped right out of your comfort zone and applied to be part of the school news team. You now go to news club one day a week after school and help to create updates for the school website and social media channels. We could not be more proud of you!

Up until the summer term you did art club every week at school and you also do science club. I love that you have interests like this – loving science, space and anything creative. You were sad when art club didn’t continue for the summer term.

You have the best sense of humour, always laughing about something, making Alexa tell you jokes and telling us jokes you learnt at school or heard on YouTube. Hearing you laugh is one of my absolute favourite things.

You made so many core memories this year, things you will remember forever. Going to Legoland Billund just after your birthday last year, swimming with dolphins in Florida, walking alpacas for my birthday and going on a speed boat ride on the Thames for Daddy’s birthday. It’s been a year of adventures for all of us.

You still climb into bed with me in the mornings, still giving me a morning cuddle and making sure my day starts in the best way possible. It really is one of my favourite moments of the day. It’s also a time where you tell me whatever you’re thinking, anything playing on your mind or that you’ve remembered overnight. I know those few minutes each morning won’t last forever but I’m holding onto them for as long as possible.

Little Man, you are a shining light in our lives. We love your quirks and your sense of humour. It is such a pleasure watching you grow into the young man you were always destined to be. You make everyone around you so happy and we are so incredibly lucky to have you.

Happy birthday gorgeous boy. We love you always.

Love, Mummy and Daddy x


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