Today LP is Four

Every Birthday I write to the children and today is the third time I have written to LP. Today she turns four.

Dear LP,

The last four years have been the hardest but most rewarding of my life. You have taught me so much about myself, about life and you have taught me how to be a mum.

Today LP is Four

I couldn’t ask for more from a daughter. You are beautiful, funny and just a little crazy – you fit into this family well. You have now had your hair cut a couple of times – I think it will be an annual thing – and you are in a mixture of age 2-3 and 3-4 clothes – you will forever be a dinky thing.

Today LP is Four

As they say, all the best things come in small packages and you really are a wonderful thing. You make us laugh every day by saying things like Ginger Turtles, School Unicorn and so many other things that I hardly remember.

Today LP is Four

The last year has been a great one for you with a whole year of preschool and making so many new friends. You have a new found confidence and have really come out of your shell – I have no worries about you starting school in just ten days time, although you will be one of the youngest in the year – if not the youngest.

Today LP is Four

You are so grown up and yet you are still so little too. You can do so much for yourself – using cutlery most of the time now and learning to cut with your knife, taking cups and plates into the kitchen when you’re done with them and attempting to get yourself dressed in the morning.

You have learnt so much this year – you can count when you’re not really thinking about it, you press lift buttons for me without prompting and you know what the traffic light colours mean. You have had a year of swimming lessons and are so comfortable in the water – you make us so proud.

Today LP is Four

You have size 8 feet and your brother is nearly as big as you although you will always be the big sister – you very much assert your authority whenever you can! You love him though and he adores you. The cuddles you give each other are the best thing to see.

Today LP is Four

This year has had hard times too with us losing ‘Lukey-pooge’ back in June. We all miss him and you remind us daily that he has gone to cat heaven and you ask if ‘Leia-babe’ misses him. You care so much. I didn’t want you to learn about death so soon but you have dealt with it amazingly – even though telling you that he’d died was the hardest thing Daddy and I had ever done.

This year you moved into a cabin bed that you love and you have been allowed to have your light on to read at bedtime, always turning it off as soon as you’re tired. You know your limits with things like this and don’t push your boundaries just yet.

Little Pickle, you are four. So big and yet so small but perfect to us. You are inquisitive, creative and you have an imagination that knows no limits. I love the little lady you are fast becoming.

Happy Birthday gorgeous girl, we love you so much.

Mummy x

Today LP is Four

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  1. She’s gorgeous and these are beautiful photos of her. You must be so proud of her and excited but nervous of all the adventures she’s going to have come September. Happy Birthday (or belated one!) LP. This is a beautiful letter. xx

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