LP’s Very First Haircut

We started a new tradition this year – Christmas Eve haircuts ready for Santa. Little Man has already had his first haircut and another one since but LP was yet to have her first haircut and each time we asked her if she’d like her hair cut when Little Man has his done she has declined and said a very firm no, showing no interest in cutting her hair at all.

LP's Very First Haircut

But a couple of weeks ago everything changed and LP started saying how she would like to have her hair cut and would like it cut for Christmas, so we made an appointment for first thing on Christmas Eve and spoke to LP about it often to get her more used to the idea.

Before we knew it we were in Spikes and Curls and LP was sitting in a fire engine having her hair cut! In the end she only had about an inch off but really the experience was more to get her used to going to the hairdressers than actually getting her hair cut although it was in need of a trim!

LP's Very First Haircut

The hairdresser then plaited LP’s hair ‘like Elsa’ and sprayed it with glitter spray – LP loved this more than the haircut and kept saying how much she loved her princess hair!

LP's Very First Haircut

Little Man then had his third hair cut, sitting in the same fire engine, and was incredibly well behaved! It amazes me how good he is when getting his haircut but then again each time we take him the more used to it he becomes.

This will no doubt be the first of many Christmas Eve hair cuts for the children and LP may even have a princess plait every year too!

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  1. Oh bless her, her little plait is so cute. I am useless at doing hair so Mads won’t have too many interesting hair styles with me. Mads and LL have their fringe trimmed quite a bit but neither have had their hair cut. I am too scared we will lose the curls although Mads does need hers doing. x


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