It’s LP’s 2nd Birthday Today!

Today is LP’s 2nd Birthday. We’re off to Longleat for the day and I’ll be telling you all about it in another blog post very soon!

Last year we started a tradition of writing to LP on her Birthday every year. The letter from her first Birthday is here.

This year the tradition continues.

28th August 2013

To Our Little Pickle,

Today you are two. The last year has gone so quickly – it really has flown by.

This time last year you were our only child. This year you have a little Brother, Troy who is now three months old. You have loved him since the moment you met him – you were there when he was born. You can’t say his name yet, just calling him ‘Baby’ but you love to say hi & wave to him, give him cuddles – as well as rolling him over onto his back when he’s managed to roll onto his side! You’re not jealous of him and I don’t think you remember a time when Troy wasn’t a part of your life. To you, Troy has always been here and I’m very glad of that – you have managed the transition from only child to having a sibling amazingly well.

Before Troy was born you used to hug my pregnant belly, bounce on me and blow raspberries on my tummy. When asked where Mummy’s belly was you’d pull my top up and give it kisses. You bonded with my bump as if it were an addition to the family and that has now been replaced with your love for your Brother – often coming over to blow raspberries on his belly during nappy changes.

Just after your Birthday last year we went on our first family holiday together. We went to Cornwall for a week and while we were there we went to your Auntie Josie & Uncle Matt’s wedding. It was an absolutely amazing day and you stayed up well past your bedtime! Cornwall also brought your first time on a beach, your first experience of 2p machines, Newquay Zoo, Monkey Sanctuary, St Michael’s Mount and Lands End. You had your first trip on a boat across to St Michael’s Mount and didn’t seem phased at all.

Just after we got back from holiday I went back to work and you spent time with a childminder, Liz. I was only at work, and you with Liz, for 6 months but they were some of the hardest months I have experienced. It was a transition for all of us.

During this time, on 10th November 2012, we found out you’d broken your leg. This will remain one of the worst days of our lives. You spent a few weeks with a cast on your leg and those weeks felt like an eternity. Every bathtime you needed the cast covered and it made bathtime hell. Luckily though your leg healed amazingly and now you would never know you’d broken it.

Last year you went to your first fireworks display. Looking back now I am amazed how well you did – you watched the fireworks with Daddy holding you, you seemed in awe of them and didn’t even flinch at the bangs they gave off.

You waited until February, when you were 18 months old to start walking. I don’t think your broken leg helped but since then you have definitely made up for lost time – nothing will stop you now, running around with such amazing energy. You truly are full of beans!

Your vocabulary is amazing – you are learning new words pretty much every day but generally you have your own words for things and we understand what you mean. A telephone is a wo-wa, Monkey (your favourite thing in the world) is a mee-mee, Lion is a Raaa. Cheese/Keys/Trees and Shoes/Juice all sound the same when you say them, as does your word for biscuit and hairclips – shib-shees. You can name most body parts and point to them and know the difference between ‘mine’ and ‘yours’ easily pointing out things and saying ‘mine’. You can’t yet say your name but if we ask you something relating to you then you will point to yourself, and you do the same if you would like something. You call anything involving water ‘bubbles’ from the paddling pool, to the bath or even tap water and when helping Daddy make cups of tea you will tell him that he needs bubbles, tea and mil-moo (milk). You know that Mummy has tea and Daddy has cough-cough (coffee). You say Hi and Bu-bye without prompt and over the last couple of days you have learnt to say nuh-night too (Nar-Noo) You call the cats Shoo-Shoo and Shay-Shar (Luke and Leia) and you like to call them in for dinner (Shoo-Shoo, Shay-Shar, NumNums!!!) You always call Daddy, Daddy and you originally called me Mumma which has now changed over to Mummy but you say Marmee sometimes too which is very cute! When talking on your wo-wa and we ask who you’re speaking too it is always Nanny. When asked who you love you will always say Mummy, Daddy, Baby and then Nanny, Yar-Yar (Grandad) and woof-woof (Alfie Dog). You know to tell us after you do a bee-boo (Poo) and a wee-wee and you know the difference between the two. You make a car noise when talking about cars and you have just learnt Ray-Ray (Rain) and know that it’s a form of weather. You ask for a Shee-shoo (Tissue) when you want to wipe your hands or face or when you need to blow your nose. You make a ‘Eeeerrr’ noise when you are thinking or looking for something and say ‘Uh-Uh’ along with no. You say ‘uh-oh’ when something’s wrong or when you see someone minus an item of clothing – swimmers for example or men with bare chests! You also say ‘there-it-is’ often when you find something. Your most recent word that you say regularly is ‘Wah’ when asked what your brother’s saying. You say cook-cook when Mummy or Daddy are in the kitchen and often we use ‘geg-geg’ (eggs) in the cooking. You like to stand on a chair and help put things in saucepans or peelings in the compost. You also help wash up plastic bowls and spoons when we let you!

Your favourite two words are definitely Shoes – saying it constantly to anyone who will listen, and mee-mee. You love monkeys – from Curious George to Animal Planet and the monkeys at Monkey World!

You are the most helpful little girl in the world – putting things in the bin, putting your used bowls in the sink, getting muslins and things for your little Brother and generally helping as much as your possibly can.

Your favourite foods are still Shab-sha (Pasta), potato – mashed, roast, jacket, new – you’re not fussy when it comes to potato, and cheese. You love straw-straws (Strawberries), Raspberries and Blueberries and would eat fruit all day if we let you.

You are an incredibly affectionate little person – giving Daddy and I cuddles if you think we’re upset or we hurt ourselves. You also cuddle and kiss everyone we spend time with and you try often to pick the cats up and give them cuddles – often succeeding!

You are now in your ‘Big Girl’ bedroom and sleeping in a single bed. This transition was amazingly smooth. You have a bed guard on the bed and have only got out by yourself twice – both times in the middle of the night.

Your best friend is still Amelie – I think it always will be. You love spending time together and I love seeing your friendship grow – you play together naturally and you give her massive cuddles when you say goodbye. Amelie and Auntie Sarah are definitely a constant in your life.

You’re not very good with names but you have learnt to say Zar-Zar from your friend Zara’s Birthday photo that’s on our notice board. Every time you see it you say ‘Zar-Zar Gakey’ (Cake) as she’s with her Birthday cake in the photo.

You are still such a dinky little thing. Your last par of Clarks proper shoes were a size 3.5F before the summer started, and we bought you some size 4 Clarks sandals at the start of the summer. We’ll be getting you some new proper shoes again very soon and I’m sure your feet are now at least a 4.5. You are still mainly in a mixture of 12-18 and 18-24 month clothes, with most of the 18m trousers being far too long on you or falling down at the waist. You have a whole wardrobe of 2-3 clothes that may have to wait there until next winter while we continue to buy you 18-24 month clothes! As they say, all good things come in small packages! You will always be petite – you may be reading this back as an adult laughing at me now! You could surprise us all and have a huge growth spurt at some point.

You now have all of your teeth apart from your last set of molars. Your top canine teeth have only recently broken through the surface and they gave you more pain than the other teeth. I am glad that the teething stage is nearly over – it really isn’t nice seeing you go through something that we cannot do a huge amount about. Calpol has been your best friend throughout, like Daddy and I, I’m sure you will remember the taste of Calpol long into adulthood!

LP, Daddy and I are so incredibly proud of you. You have been through so much this year – broken leg, new brother and your new bed/bedroom and yet you have done it all without any issue – you have made everything so easy for Daddy and I. You are a joy to be around, you make us smile every day and you really do light up our lives.

Happy Birthday Pickle

Love you always

Mummy and Daddy

It's LP's 2nd Birthday Today!


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