Little Man’s First Haircut

Last week was a big thing for our little family. Little Man had his first hair cut! LP hasn’t had a haircut yet so it’s the first time Dave and I had to take a child for a haircut – What an experience!

We went to Spikes and Curls in Farnham which had been recommended to us. They had a ‘First Hair Cut’ package where Little Man could have his hair cut in one of their fun seats and we would get a certificate to take away with a photo and a lock of his hair all laminated to keep forever – All for £12.50.

Little Man's First Haircut

We booked an appointment and before we knew it Little Man was sitting in a Fire Engine, watching CBeebies with a coverall on and having his hair cut! The hairdresser was lovely and was really patient with Little Man who was very good, stayed sitting, watching TV and playing with a toy whilst she cut his hair. The only bit he didn’t like was the hair dryer blowing the stray hairs away at the end!

Little Man's First Haircut

Spikes and Curls was lovely and I think £12.50 is great value considering Dave’s hair usually costs £11 to cut at the barbers and takes a lot less time that Little Man’s hair took to cut.

Little Man now looks incredibly grown up, a proper little boy rather than a baby and that will be his first haircut of many! What a milestone! We now just need to convince LP to let us trim her hair!

Little Man's First Haircut

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