LP’s Blossoming Vocabulary

LP is now 26 months and she has only really been talking properly for the last couple of months, before that it was odd words and over the last week or so she’s started to string sentences together.

Hearing LP talk properly is actually amazing. Hearing her say things in context makes me smile, she is turning into such a clever little thing. LP has started saying things like I did it, Daddy did it, Mummy did it, I found it, I got it, Daddy fixed it. But today LP has progressed to a whole new level – LP has learnt manners! LP now says thank you without prompt and will say please when asking for things. If that wasn’t enough, at bedtime tonight I said goodnight to LP and walked downstairs to LP saying after me Nuh-nar Mummy, Love you Mummy, Nuh-nar, Love you.

LP is 26 months and has said Love You once before when I said it to her first. This is the first time she’s said it without prompt. Every time LP opens her mouth and says something it makes my heart swell with pride and love for her. Hearing her tell me she loves me makes my heart want to burst.

I love you too Little Pickle. Always have, always will.

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8 thoughts on “LP’s Blossoming Vocabulary”

  1. My little niece Lilly is about the same age as LP (a couple of months older maybe) and when I saw her at the weekend I couldn’t get over how chatty she was compared to when I saw her in the summer.

    • It’s amazing how quick they develop – seeing her every day we don’t notice it as much but thinking back to her Birthday in August her vocabularly has advanced so much! It’s amazing x


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