A Little Kitchen Helper {The Ordinary Moments}

LP has always loved watching us in the kitchen and loves copying us and helping us at every opportunity. For quite a while now we have let LP help us as much as possible when in the kitchen – She’ll put tea bags in mugs for us, put potato peelings in the compost bin and cut up potatoes in a saucepan and pass us plates from the dishwasher to put away.

Since getting her own wooden kitchen for her Birthday the kitchen activities that LP likes to participate in have stepped up a notch – She makes us endless cups of tea in her kitchen, slices of toast with jam and other random items of food get given to us on plates or in saucepans.

LP wants to help with so many kitchen tasks that some aren’t safe enough for her to do just yet – cutting vegetables being the main one. LP was watching her Daddy cut up the vegetables to make dinner and really wanted to help. The best way we could think of letting her help was to stand her on a chair at the worktop along her own play chopping board, wooden play knife and a whole crate of vegetables that she could cut up.

A Little Kitchen Helper {The Ordinary Moments}
A Little Kitchen Helper {The Ordinary Moments}
A Little Kitchen Helper {The Ordinary Moments}

LP stood happily on the chair, cutting vegetables for over half an hour whilst her Daddy finished sorting dinner. When it was time to play in the lounge until the dinner was cooked LP came willingly, carrying her crate of vegetables before saying ‘knife, knife’ repeatedly and taking herself, and crate of vegetables back into the kitchen to do some more cutting – with Daddy trailing along behind to help!

Who knows, we may have the winner of Masterchef 2030 in our midst?!


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