LP is 26 months old

Today LP turns 26 months old so I thought that called for a little update on my perfect Little Pickle.

26 months

LP sleeps really well at night, usually from 7:30pm until at least 8:30am but has dropped her daytime nap – we still put her in bed in the afternoon so that we can have a bit of a break and she can have some quiet time but she hasn’t actually napped in weeks now.

Potty training has been a big success with LP and she now just wears nappies during nap time and at night. Her and her 5.5 month old Brother are in the same size nappies – size 4.

LP still loves food and will eat near enough anything that is offered to her, she doesn’t really have any keen dislikes of anything but her favourite foods remain the same – cheese, mash, sausages, pasta and beans. Lp also loves yogurts and will happily eat them after every meal if we let her. She has snacks a couple of times a day of breadsticks, cheese crackers or ‘proper’ biscuits as a treat. These will be given along with milk to drink or ‘banana milk’ (nesquik) once a week as a treat.

LP is still small for her age, fitting very much into 18-24 month clothes and being quite far off wearing her 2-3 clothes just yet. She has size 5.5 F feet and still only weighs about 24lb although we haven’t had her weighed properly since before her first Birthday!

The most amazing thing about LP at the moment is her vocabulary. She chats constantly all day and will form sentences that we can understand – only 3-4 words at a time but she gets her meaning across really well. She’s also starting to drop ‘her’ words for things and uses the proper words instead, which is a little bit sad for us but just shows that she is growing up and learning. Mil-moo is often milk, mee-mee is occasionally monkey and the cats are no longer Shoo-Shoo and Shay-Shar but Luke and Leia. LP has also started saying please and thank you a lot more regularly and even said ‘Love You’ the other day when I said it to her.  LP knows the colour blue, can count to two and knows her Brother’s name but is yet to say her own name.

26 months

Our Little Pickle has a few main loves in life (other than us of course!) – LP loves Curious George, Charlie and Lola and her handbag. LP will literally say Charlie, Charlie, Charlie all day and when we go anywhere she has to have her handbag with her. She is one very funny little person.

Overall LP is still an amazingly happy, inquisitive, lovely little girl but there are now occasions where she turns into a child that Dave and I don’t recognise. She’ll scream for no reason, nothing with placate her and whatever we do is wrong. Fortunately these times aren’t ‘normal’ and happen every so often. They do however usually last for up to 24 hours at a time but we know that eventually our happy little girl will come back. I’m not hugely keen on the term ‘terrible twos’ as I think that 2 is an amazing age – LP is learning so much and turning into such a proper little person. There are just times when she is incredibly hard work – I don’t want to write off the whole year by saying she’s a terrible two. She isn’t, she just has moments of the worst tantrums Dave and I have ever experienced.

On the whole I am loving the age LP is at now, the amount she is learning and the fact that we can now have little conversations with her and involve her in so much. 26 months is a pretty great age!


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  1. What gorgeous hair, I have to get mine that colour at the hairdressers, am very envious! It makes her look lots older than 26 months (which I bet you hear all the time, sorry!), she sounds like a lovely bright little one!x

    1. Thanks so much for reading. She was born with lots of hair, never lost it and it’s just kept growing! She definitely looks older but she’s incredibly petite which reinforces her actual age 🙂 x

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