Pickle’s Prized Possession – Her Handbag! {The Ordinary Moments}

All children have a toy that they carry everywhere at some point in their childhood don’t they? Something that they need with them wherever they may be? Something that causes them to cry if they lose it and something that is irreplaceable.

For LP her prized possession is her handbag.

Yes, her handbag.

Pickle's Prized Possession - Her Handbag! {The Ordinary Moments}

A 2 year old who cannot leave her handbag behind when leaving the house. Pickle’s handbag comes everywhere with her – trips to Nanny’s house, to the Supermarket. Anywhere that involves leaving the house on foot (even to get in the car) Pickle will take her handbag with her.

When I say handbag, I don’t just mean her ‘actual’ handbag. I mean everything she choses to have in it too. Her phone, Daddy’s house keys, various toys, even tissues and receipts and things that she’s picked up around the house – LP is turning into a magpie!

So LP goes everywhere with her handbag, full of various bits and bobs. This has become an every day occurrence but not something we thought too much about – until last week. Last week LP picked up her bag but didn’t yet have her coat on so she put the bag down, put her coat on and we went out to the car. It was only when she was strapped into the car that she cried ‘Baaaaaaaaag’ and Dave and I tried to console her – we were going food shopping, she didn’t need her bag. We drove off and before we had even got to the end of the road LP was a blubbering mess. She was crying and screaming and so incredibly upset – saying ‘Bag, Bag’ between sniffles and gulping air. We had to drive round the block to go get her precious bag. It then took the whole drive to the supermarket to calm her down and make her happy again.

LP’s bag now goes on every outing with us and we check we have it before leaving the house – asking LP if she has everything she needs – phone, keys, tissues. Lp wanders around the house collecting things before she goes to the front door carrying her bag, coat on, turns around and says ‘See ya, bye!!’ Ready to go.

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  1. My big girl is exactly the same. She is such a magpie and her favourite things to carry round are her little treasures. This can literally be anything, bits of paper, conkeds, ear plugs, little toys, and other things she’s found around the house! X


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