Getting Baby to Sleep {The Ordinary Moments}

Have you got a knack to get your baby to sleep? A fool proof method that works every time and a way that you revert to when nothing else is working?

Getting Baby to Sleep

Dave and I started something when we had LP that is now second nature to us. It’s something we’ve done for every nap time and every night wake up when feeding to sleep hasn’t worked or after I stopped breastfeeding. It’s something that people find amusing but sweet and things that friends and family have seen repeatedly over the last couple of years from us as a family.

When LP was teenie, literally a day or two old, we’d rock her and sing to her to go to sleep. It was lovely having those cuddles and we soon fell into the rocking rhythm of Frere Jacques but although Dave has a love of french and a great accent when he speaks the language, I don’t have any accent apart from Surrey/London and I definitely cannot remember the words to a french song – albeit a nursery rhyme! So we started counting to the tune of Frere Jacques.

One Two Three Four, One Two Three Four, 

Frere Jacques, Frere Jacques  

Five and Six, Five and Six,

Dormez-vous? Dormez-vous?

Se-ven Eight Nine T-en, Se-ven Eight Nine T-en,

Sonnez les matines, Sonnez les matines

Ele-ven Twelve, Ele-ven Twelve.

Ding dang dong, ding dang dong.

Before Little Man came along we didn’t realise how natural it would be to fall back into the old habit and now Little Man is rocked to sleep for naps to this same tune. Dave and I both sing our new number song and LP even rocks her doll to sleep singing the number song too – even with the right tune! If LP hears us singing the number song she knows it’s her Brother’s sleeping time and to be a little bit quieter so he can sleep.

Getting Baby to Sleep

I didn’t even think how much part of our lives this song was until Dave started rocking LM to sleep and I started absentmindedly singing along with him. Frere Jacques will forever have a place in my heart and remind me of my children’s first years.

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