Kitchen Planning {The Ordinary Moments}

I am still finding it hard to believe that this time next month our extension will be in full swing and we will be on our way to making our forever home into the dream home we had always been hoping it could be.

The next few weeks are going to be full of choosing tiles, picking a toilet and sink for the shiny new downstairs cloakroom and working out all those little things that we hadn’t thought of before – what colour bifold doors? What type of light switches? Do we want USB points in the plug sockets…..? Yep, that is even a thing now.

But, the last few weeks have all been about choosing a kitchen and a few days ago we had our first kitchen design back – which is pretty close to what we were hoping for. All we knew at the start was that we wanted a white/cream wooden kitchen with a thick wooden worktop – we gave the company the extension plans and this is what they came up with.

Kitchen Planning {The Ordinary Moments}

It’s actually the first time Dave and I have seen the actual new space, in three dimensions, and it’s great to be able to visualise the room a bit more. It still doesn’t feel real but it feels a lot more real than it did before seeing this shiny new kitchen design.

Kitchen Planning {The Ordinary Moments}

I’m now so excited to find out what storage solutions are in each of the cupboards, to pick appliances and choose tiles for the splash back. It’s an exciting time in our house and things we have been looking at for months are starting to come together, to seem tangible and will soon become a reality.

Kitchen Planning {The Ordinary Moments}

I have always dreamed of a big open plan kitchen. Somewhere we can cook together as a family, where the children can do homework and with a table we can all sit around – not having to pull it into the middle of the room each time.

Kitchen Planning {The Ordinary Moments}

This isn’t just a new kitchen, it’s a whole new way of life for us as a family and I can’t wait for it to be here, for us to start using it and to sit at the kitchen island with a friend, drinking tea, eating cake and just taking it all in.

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  • This looks so good! Years ago my dad used to have one of those kitchen island things. They’re so sociable, perfect when you’ve got guests but you want to carry on cooking!

  • Oh wow Donna even the plans look incredible, it is going to look so so amazing. I literally cannot wait to see the progress and how you are getting on. I know how long you have waited for this, we were the same with our extension. I never thought we would ever actually get it done and it feels so much more amazing to me knowing how hard we worked for it- I am sure you feel the same. xx

  • Such exciting times Donna, I love your kitchen design! We made the decision to build an extension a couple of weeks ago and hubby is already on it and has had one of his designers from work round to draw up a few sketches. I totally agree with you about it being a change of way of life. We’ve always longed for that big open family space which our house in it’s current layout doesn’t give us. Can’t wait to see it when it’s finished! xx

  • Oh wow, that plan looks amazing! I love the breakfast bar and the stools too, I cant wait to see it finished xx

  • I am so excited for you and can’t wait to see how it all comes together! I remember getting our kitchen plan and like you, it was the first time we’d actually seen our extension in 3D and the first time we could really imagine it as a useable space. Oh, and we did opt for USBs in the plug sockets, they are really useful!