Just Another Week {The Ordinary Moments}

Welcome back to another week of the Ordinary Moments. If you haven’t joined in before this is a weekly linky that launches every Sunday morning and is open until midnight on the following Saturday. It’s a linky that celebrates any ordinary moments in your life – or the not so ordinary some weeks too. Basically – anything goes. I’ll be sharing and commenting on the posts that are linked up during the week and there’s a badge at the bottom of the post if you’d like to add it to yours too.

I’m sitting down to write this on Saturday night, trying to find something from the last week to tell you about. But, really, it’s just the same as every other week recently. Full of school, work and trying to get the house back to normal after the loft conversion.

Our decorators finally left on Friday after three weeks, decorating LP’s room and the hallway. It felt neverending at times but it was such a good job done and now I can safely say that the house is finished apart from the carpet in the hall – which gets fitted right at the start of December.

At the start of the week LP’s new bedroom carpet was fitted so we’ve spent the week putting her room back together and trying to clear out the spare room. It’s been pretty constant and I am really feeling the challenge in no longer having a huge loft to throw everything in!

On Friday we finally put the furniture in the right places in the loft, unpacked the last of our clothes and got to experience the loft space how it will now be. It was a great feeling.

I won’t have many photos from this week so I’ll leave you with a completely unrelated photo of LP and Little Man after we found the Santa hats whilst organising everything. They’ve spent weeks doing pretty much what they like after school whilst we crack on – and they’ve loved it.

The Ordinary Moments

If you have an ordinary moment this week, come and link up – I’m looking forward to reading the moments that you share and will comment and share them on Twitter through the course of the week. Thanks so much for taking part.

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  1. It’s great that your loft conversion is finished. It feels really quick to me, but then I haven’t had to live through it. I Hope you really enjoy your new space.

  2. Hey there! I stumbled across your blog and I like the content you share especially about the recipes. It’s a great parent blog with recipes, reviews and even gift ideas and not forgetting little giveaways. It is nice that you post updates about you and your family as it helps one to realize that it’s the everyday ordinary that rounds up the family together. Also, following up on your last post, good to know that the decorating in your home is almost complete, just in time as the festive season is just around the corner. You have an amazing blog!

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