Panasonic 3D Blu-ray Home Cinema (SC-BTT400) Review

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Over Christmas we were sent a Panasonic Smart Viera TV along with a Panasonic 3D Bluray Home Cinema system to review as a Panasonic Brit Blogger. I’ve already posted the review of the TV so now it’s time to tell you about the Panasonic Home Cinema system!

Review: Panasonic 3D Blu-ray Home Cinema (SC-BTT400)

The Panasonic 3D Bluray Home Cinema system comprises the 3D Bluray Player, one central speaker, 4 surround sound speakers and a subwoofer – creating a 5.1 channel surround sound system – as well as a remote control. Everything comes in one compact box. My only slight criticism of this Panasonic Home Cinema system is that it is very shiny and plastic. I prefer finishes where fingerprints don’t show up however all the seperate components of the system match nicely and look great as a set.

Installation & Set Up

The Panasonic Home Cinema system was easy to install and set up – you literally take all the parts out of the box, place the speakers around the room with the central speaker under the TV and the bluray player in place and then run wires from each speaker to the bluray player – and your home theatre system is complete. There is the option to buy wireless adapters for the speakers to connect them without wires which would definitely be preferable to some people however we have always had speakers with wires and this doesn’t bother us.

We found the Panasonic 3D Blu ray Player worked immediately once plugged in and we were able to get instant surround sound – our home cinema was complete!

3D Bluray Player

The Bluray player was easy to operate and 3D was something we haven’t used at home before. There’s such a wide variety of Blurays and 3D options available now that this is definitely the next step in home entertainment for us and many other people. The Bluray player was easy to operate with a straight forward remote control and we watched a lot of Bluray movies on it and it also plays DVDs and CDs so that you can be sure that your current movie and music collection can still be used on this new system.

Sound Quality

Dave and I have had various surround sound systems over the last few years and the sound on this Panasonic Home Cinema system is fantastic – it really helps to make you feel part of the movie or TV show that you’re watching. The audio moves around the room and each speaker is used individually at times – the sound cannot be faulted.

When you have a Panasonic TV paired with a Panasonic Home Cinema System the ‘Smart Viera Link’ kicks in and automatically knows that when the TV is on you want to listen to it through your Home Cinema system – you no longer have to flick between inputs on your remote controls for the right channel! A great time saver and a niggle we’ve had with our previous TV and Home Cinema system in the past.

Remote Controls

As well as the standard features you would expect from a Home Cinema System, this Panasonic system can be operated from the same remote as any Panasonic TV – a great feature and a real benefit to buying Panasonic products for both the TV and Home Cinema System. The Panasonic home theater system can also be operated using the Panasonic TV Remote application on Apple and Android devices – this is a great feature and means you no longer have to hunt for misplaced remote controls!

Network/Internet Connectivity

With the Panasonic 3D Blu-Ray Home Cinema System you are able to connect to your home network to access movies, music and more from your PC or other devices. You connect to the network through a wired connection but you are able to buy an adapter to make this connection wireless. It would be great to see a wireless connection as standard. There’s also a whole host of online digital content that you have access to from Panasonic’s Viera Connect.


Overall we have loved using the Panasonic 3D Bluray Home Cinema System. Being able to play 3D movies in our home as broadened the range of things we watch and the sound quality throughout has been unparalleled. Being able to use both a Panasonic TV and Home Cinema System at the same time has made me realise how products from the same brand can work together to make your life easier and your experience more streamlined.


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