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Adding Accents to our Home with Posterlounge | AD

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We finished our extension a few months ago now and are slowly making it feel like home. At first it was a pretty bare room but we’ve been adding accessories and furniture to make it into a usable, homely space. But we still have so many bare walls that when Posterlounge asked if we’d like to collaborate it couldn’t have been better timing.

Adding Accents to our Home with Posterlounge

Posterlounge stock a huge range of posters in so many different designs and styles. When I say posters you might think I mean the centre pages of a children’s magazine or a picture of your favourite boyband blutac-ed to the wall above your bed. But no, posters have come a long way since I had PJ & Duncan on my walls and I immediately fell in love with Posterlounge’s typography section.

My home would not be complete without a nice quote on the wall and so I spent so much time browsing through the prints. Posterlounge offer traditional posters or so many different mounted options – canvas, alu-dibond, Forex, acrylic glass or wood. Each of the mounted options come with fixtures to attach your posters to the wall and they are a lot more hard wearing than just having a poster on the wall.

I chose all our posters in the Forex option and was surprised at how lightweight each of the prints were and how easy they were to hang on the walls. But, as they are so thick and sturdy they are perfect to just sit on shelves to display. The great range of sizes means that any poster can be ordered in a size suitable for any corner of your home.

Adding Accents to our Home with Posterlounge

I ordered two large Forex prints, one for the playroom end of our lounge and one for in our extension. The playroom print is perfect for the children, telling them to ‘Be so happy that when others look at you they become happy too’ – it’s the sort of thing I am telling the children all the time and they are happy little things anyway that this print pretty much sums them up.

Adding Accents to our Home with Posterlounge

The print for our extension, right next to my work space, is ‘Home is where the wifi connects automatically’. This made me laugh as soon as I saw it as I am constantly in search of wifi, having to check emails or post on social media. There are about three homes where my wifi connects automatically and so this really resonated with me – and fit the space I had available perfectly.

Adding Accents to our Home with Posterlounge

Two more Forex prints I chose in smaller sizes to stand up rather than be wall hung. The first was ‘make coffee not war’ which works perfectly in our kitchen’s coffee corner. We’ll be mounting shelves above the coffee machine as soon as we find some the right size and this will go perfectly between the coffee cups and jars of coffee beans.

Adding Accents to our Home with Posterlounge

Another was perfect for my desk ‘she turned her can’ts into cans and her dreams into plans’. I love motivational quotes and this was just right for my workspace. This year I have focused on having a can-do attitude, saying yes to more and trying to not let anything get in the way of the things I try and achieve in life. Having this print in front of me when I sit down to work can only be a good thing!

Adding Accents to our Home with Posterlounge

Lastly, I chose a Posterlounge print in poster format to see what the finish would be like. It was made from high quality glossy paper. We always frame posters in our house so bought a black frame to match our other prints and it worked perfectly.

Adding Accents to our Home with Posterlounge

I have been so impressed by the Posterlounge range, the quality and the delivery – where everything came so well packaged and arrived really quickly, I would definitely order from them again.

Our house is starting to feel a lot more like home now and we have a lot more of our personality on the walls thanks to our Posterlounge prints. It feels like we are one step closer to having our home ‘finished’ and I can’t wait until we get to that point.

You can see the full range of Posterlounge prints here.

Adding Accents to our Home with Posterlounge


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