Living Arrows – 3/52

This week’s Living Arrows I’m trying to keep the theme the same and capture LP and Little Man’s personalities as well as their day-to-day lives.

LP is proving to be incredibly cheeky and loves to put anything on her head. This photo not only captures this ‘phase’ of hers perfectly but also how amazing her imagination is. Why would you put a bin on your head? Because you’re two and a half, that’s why!

Living Arrows - 3/52

Little Man has the same cheeky streak as his Sister and spends his day either rolling around on the floor, in his walker or eating/sleeping. Last week’s photo showed LM in his walker, this one shows how much havoc he can cause rolling around on the floor – he has an obsession with the table and often ends up under it!

Living Arrows - 3/52

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  1. Oh, they are both lovely. I love doing this series as I know the posts will be lovely memories for our children one day and they will thank us(hopefully) for documenting their development so closely and lovingly. #LivingArrows

  2. They are both so looking so cheeky in these pictures – it’s like ‘oops, you caught me!’. Looks like you’re getting to grips with the new camera too. Do you edit your photos at all or are they just as you’ve taken them?

  3. Great pictures, you’ve captured their cheekyness perfectly. My 8 month old has a habit of rolling under the coffee table too!

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