Plasters {The Ordinary Moments}

Children are the funniest things and LP is no exception. Recently LP cut herself and I put a plaster on it which was something completely new to LP – she had never had a plaster on anything in the past.

From that one plaster LP now has an obsession with plasters. She wants a new one on all the time and wants one for every little owie that she has – a bruise, a bump, stubbing her toe. I’ve tried to explain that plasters are for when you’re bleeding and not something you have all the time but nope, that’s not good enough for LP.

LP wakes up in the morning and needs a plaster on her knee before she’ll get ready for school. She’ll get home from school and will need a new plaster as the other one had fallen off and she’ll get out of the bath and demand a new plaster before bed!

Most of the time we use distraction tactics or we’ll use a magic cream instead to see if that helps. But sometimes only a plaster will do – like the time LP put her own chair on her own toe, by accident, and then sat on the chair. That definitely, obviously needed a plaster.

Plasters {The Ordinary Moments}

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