Are you happy Mummy? {The Ordinary Moments}

Little Pickle knows when she has upset or annoyed me. She knows when she pushes me to the end of my tether and she knows when I’m really not happy with her. At these times LP does something that makes me smile without fail and then at the times when I am more annoyed that I have ever been LP even manages to make me laugh.

I’ll be angry, LP will be hiding behind her hands and the next thing I know, LP will be looking at me and she’ll say “Are you happy Mummy?”

No, LP, I’m not happy. Not one bit. But her saying that one thing reminds me that she’s two years old. She still a baby, my baby, and no matter what she does just having her there makes me smile. Even at the age of two she cares whether I’m happy and she does genuinely want to make me happy.

When I’m asked whether I’m happy I now laugh in exasperation and LP and I have a cuddle. She knows she’s upset me and often she’ll say sorry but either way it doesn’t matter anymore.

“Are you happy Mummy?”

In that instant, with LP curled on my lap and my chin on her head I’m as happy as a Mummy can be.

Are you happy Mummy? {The Ordinary Moments}

12 thoughts on “Are you happy Mummy? {The Ordinary Moments}”

  1. Awww, this is adorable. And my little man went through a phase of doing the exact same thing. Whenever we got even the tiniest bit cross, he’d ask if we were happy, and if we said no he’d just keep asking on and off until we said we were. He was especially funny about it at bedtime, as if he couldn’t sleep if he didn’t know we were happy. As a result “are you happy?” “yes I’m happy, are you happy” “yes I am” is still part of bedtime every single night.
    Toddlers are strange little creatures, but so so cute. x

  2. Ahhh this is so sweet and adorable. Also a clever way to cheer Mommy up. I would have to laugh and cuddle at that response too. So sweet. You are an adorable family here. So lucky. Happy Easter to you all. #ordinarymoments.

  3. This is so lovely and a beautiful photo of your little lady. Funnily enough Mads is pushing my buttons a lot at the moment, we are having a funny old time with her the last few weeks and after the melt down has calmed down and I look at her all tearful I do remember that she is only three and is still finding her way in the world. They really are so little and sometimes I forget that. x

  4. This is so funny as F is always doing this to me and it makes me feel bad – not bad enough to stop telling him that i am unhappy with a lot of the things he is doing though πŸ˜‰
    p.s LP looks SO like you in that pic x


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