Santa Hat {The Ordinary Moments}

We have a new accessory in our house at the moment. The handbag has been seasonally ditched to make way for something new, something that LP cannot be without and something that goes everywhere with us.

LP’s Santa Hat.

Santa Hat

LP adores her Santa Hat. She would wear it for meal times if we let her and sleep in it if we didn’t take it away at bedtime. Straight after breakfast LP puts her Santa Hat on and there it stays all day, aside from lunch and dinner. LP’s head gets sweaty under the hat, her hair becomes a mess under the hat and she’s constantly rearranging it on her head having mastered the art of putting the hat on and taking it off again. But one thing is for sure – that hat is staying on her head!

Santa Hat

LP even insists on wearing the hat outside, around the shops, to the supermarket. LP wears the hat everywhere and I love the looks people give her – Little old ladies stop to comment on how lovely she is, middle aged men tend to give her a sideways glance and keep walking and children are fascinated by the Santa Hat. I love the fact LP is well and truly in the Christmas spirit and that wearing her hat makes people in the street smile.

Santa Hat

LP may only be 27 months old but she is very much her own person. LP chooses her own clothes, lets me know what she’d like for lunch and makes clear decisions every day. Her Santa Hat is one of these decisions. She picks it up, puts it on her head and wants to wear it. I love seeing her personality develop and her Santa Hat is another aspect of that.

Christmas will soon be over and I can imagine LP wearing her Santa Hat long into January. If it makes her smile then why not?


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  1. Santa’s hat looks great on her and why not wear it out if you can look that adorable in it. My kids are the same they love to wear their Santa’s hat all day 🙂

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