Bubble Wrap {The Ordinary Moments}

What is it about children and bubble wrap? Something so simple can keep them entertained for just so long. We often get parcels delivered and most of them now contain those air pockets instead of bubble wrap so when one does have bubble wrap, especially bubble wrap with big bubbles, the children get so excited.

This week LP and Little Man spent literally hours sharing the same sheet of bubble wrap, jumping on it, sitting on it, popping the bubbles with their hands and doing anything they could think of to hear that familiar popping sound.

I was teaching them to roll the bubble wrap up and twist it, popping lots of bubbles at once but really they were happiest when they were jumping on it, taking it in turns or holding hands and jumping together. The hours that they spent jumping on that bubble wrap, in between playing with other toys and watching TV, were some of their happiest and seeing the smiles on their faces and the joy in every bounce it made me wonder why we bother with proper toys at all.

Soon though all the bubbles were popped and the bubble wrap was put in the bin. The children were sad that their fun was over but they are already looking forward to the next sheet of bubble wrap arriving through the post.

Bubble Wrap {The Ordinary Moments}

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