Sweeping {The Ordinary Moments}

I’ve spoke a lot about how LP loves copying us in the things we do over the course of the average day – Cooking and washing up are things she really enjoys to do – Any kind of role playing game really where she has a chance to copy Mummy and Daddy.

We bought LP a toy broom, mop and dustpan & brush for her Birthday and she has loved it ever since. She copies Daddy – he’s the ‘cleaner’ in our house! – and loves to sweep up and clean all around the house – sweeping the lounge, the kitchen and grabbing her mop if she accidentally spills a drink!

Sweeping {The Ordinary Moments}

Every so often LP will decide she wants to do a little dance and have a twirl with her broom, or even with both her mop and her broom! She’ll spin around in a circle going ‘weeeeeeee’ with not a care in the world, just one Little Pickle twirling and twirling.

Sweeping {The Ordinary Moments}

I love it when LP does something so carefree, so funny to watch and so sweet at the same time. Stopping her serious job of sweeping to have a dance until she gets tired or dizzy. Then the seriousness will come back and she’ll get on with the job in hand – Sweeping again!

Sweeping {The Ordinary Moments}

I don’t normally show black and white photos of LP. I usually love to show her red hair and the colour in our home but with these pictures I didn’t want to detract from our ordinary moment. The sweeping, the natural spinning of a toddler and her love of copying Mummy and Daddy – although I can’t remember when, if ever, we last stopped mid sweep to have a little boogie!

Sweeping {The Ordinary Moments}

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  1. I think we could all do with a little more dancing and enjoyment whilst we sweep the floor! Next time it’s my turn, I’ll keep this in mind. #OrdinaryMoments

  2. These are such beautiful pictures. It’s great that your daughter has both Mum AND Dad as cleaning role models – it makes buying toys like this less of a dilemma, when they’re not tied to gender roles. Let’s face it, every little person I’ve met has enjoyed twizzling round with a broom in their hand! Gorgeous post.

  3. I love these photos! They have done exactly what you wanted, captured the ordinary moment! LP is seriously just so cute!
    Daddy mops the floor in our house too 🙂 x

  4. Bless her, she is just so beautiful Donna! And I love how they are such little mini me’s, Mads has a pretend Dyson and loves to help me hoover! On a separate note I love your wood floors, I wish I had wood floors in my house. 😉 x

  5. Such lovely photos again this week. LP is so cute how she copies everything. I wonder if she’ll still enjoy helping round the house when she’s big enough to do it for real?

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