Scrunchy Eyes {The Ordinary Moments}

For the last few months we have been laughing at Little Man’s new trick – scrunchy eyes. I have decided that he does it when he’s tired but most of the time he does it during dinner – scrunches his eyes up tight and grins. It may well be the funniest thing we see in a day.

Little Man loves to make us laugh, especially his sister and now if any of us ask him to do scrunchy eyes he obliges instantly. He scrunches those eyes up, does the cheesiest grin and then opens his eyes to see our reaction, usually one involving laughs and smiles.

LP has started doing scrunchy eyes too and often when we take a photo now and ask her to say cheese she’ll do scrunchy eyes instead – too cute but not great for family photos!

So here you have it, Little Man and his scrunchy eyes…

Scrunchy Eyes {The Ordinary Moments}

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  1. So very cute! Archie does this, but blinks his eyes lots and lots as opposed to scrunching them, i have also come the the conclusion it is when he is tired! Cute pic of him, bless him! x

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