Striving for Happiness {The Ordinary Moments}

Little Man is starting school in less than two weeks and LP is flying through the school years, starting Year 2 in September. I look at LP learning, making friends and flourishing at school and I wonder what the future will bring for her and her brother.

Striving for Happiness {The Ordinary Moments}

I look back at my own life, loving school but being bullied throughout secondary school, starting college and loving it but never finishing my A-levels even after going back three times. I was thrown into an adult world of work and rent and didn’t get a chance to go to University and study for a job I really wanted to do. Instead, I took any job I could do and worked as hard as I could to be able to not just survive but to live life and enjoy it.

But, as LP and Little Man get older I don’t want them to do any job they could do – I want them to be able to do a job they love, to go to university if they want and to aim for things in life. I want them to have aspirations, to have realistic dreams and to work at achieving them.

But I don’t want the children to worry about exam results, about going to university if they don’t want to or about being rich or famous. I want them to be whatever they want to be – as long as they are happy.

I think in life we often take happiness for granted – it’s not something we aspire to, it’s not even something we think about much at all but for me it counts for everything. I want the children to be happy and I want them to be nice people, with good manners and respect for other people – at least those who have earned that respect. I want them to behave well as they get older, look out for others and make good choices.

As I grow older and the children grow too, have friendships, relationships and careers I just want to know that they are happy. Whatever choices they make, wherever they end up – if they are happy in life then I’ll feel like my job is done – and I can’t ask for more than that.

What more could I want than two happy, healthy children?

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  1. That’s all I want for the boys too. I remember asking my mum once and she said that all she wanted was for my brother and I to be happy. I was young probably about 8 or 9. I couldn’t understand why she didn’t want us to do well for ourselves – uni, jobs, money?! Turns out maybe she’s right anpit more things than I give her credit for!! Xx


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