Sleepy Pushchair Moments {The Ordinary Moments}

Little Man is nearly two and a half and by the time LP was his age she had given up her pushchair to her little brother and was using a buggy board quite a lot. Little Man though, as the youngest of the two, will only be giving up his pushchair when he’s ready and there doesn’t seem to be any chance of that happening in the near future.

You see, Little Man wants to walk. He would walk everywhere if he could but he isn’t the quickest and his legs get tired quite easily. The speed isn’t an issue on a day out – we’re happy to all wander along at his pace but at some point in the day Little Man will get tired, he’ll ask for cuddles and then he just won’t want to be put down.

Because of this, and his lack of naps now that we have a school pick up at the time his nap used to be, it means that we take the pushchair everywhere with us, often pushing an empty pushchair around a National Trust property just so that Little Man can relax in it on our way back to the car at the end of the day. We also use a double pushchair on long days out as LP has the exact same thing with tired legs when we’re out all day.

So for now the sight of Little Man getting snug in his pushchair is a familiar thing. He hasn’t slept in the pushchair for a very long time but he is often sleepy in it, relaxed and quiet. Little Man spends our days out having as much fun as possible, creating an adventure in every little thing and going at 100mph so when he finally settles down and succumbs to the time in the pushchair it’s relaxing for all of us and I love those moments. Moments where Little Man is worn out from having fun.

Sleepy Pushchair Moments {The Ordinary Moments}

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  1. Oh yes I definitely love these moments too. Neither of mine have been too good at sleeping in the buggy, bar when they were little, as I was always so strict about them napping in their cots that they never really had an opportunity too. Which wasn’t always a good thing as now even if we are out for the whole day LL will rarely fall asleep unless she is exhausted. But we have figured out a good trick with our buggy, we can put the seat vertical and they will both snuggle up in there together- those moments are just perfect and relaxing for us all! x


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