A Month of School

LP has now been at school for a month. One month of school already done – and only a couple of weeks until our first school holidays. The month has flown by – we have spent every day feeling exhausted, rushed and pretty much all over the place but slowly and surely we’re finding our feet, getting used to the new school drop off and pick up times and getting used to LP spending more of the waking day at school than with us.

Although LP has only been at school one short month she has already learnt so much – she now knows lots of letters, the sounds they make and how to write them. A month ago she didn’t even want to pick up a pen. She has also made new friends that she speaks of daily, loves picking what lunch she’ll have from the school dinner menu each day and loves doing PE – this has given her a huge push to learn to get herself dressed and undressed and in the space of a month she has learnt to completely change herself – even putting socks on by herself and undoing buttons.

I wasn’t sad really about LP starting school, I was more nervous because she was so little. She is now only 6 weeks past her 4th Birthday and I was worried that she’d get left behind in the classroom, that she wouldn’t be able to keep up with the other children and that she was just too small for school. The last month has proven to me that LP isn’t too small for anything. She’s a determined little girl who loves learning and making new friends. Aside from a few accidents where she didn’t make it to the toilet in her first week or so LP’s school days have gone by without a blip. Grazed knees, scuffed shoes, messy hair and all that other stuff that school, and childhood, is made from. LP is loving it. A month on and I’m glad I didn’t have the opportunity to delay LP starting school – she will be just fine.

A Month of School


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  1. What a lovely positive post Donna. It sounds like LP is really thriving at school, and sometimes its not just about reading and writing. The social skills and learning how to be independent are just as important. I too have an August baby (well not quite a baby now at 13), and I knew that even though he had just turned 4 like LP, he was ready to take on the world x

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