The Countdown to School {The Ordinary Moments}

A few days ago we had that email that parents over the country were waiting for – the email to let us know where Little Man would be going to school in September. It was confirmed that he’ll be at his sister’s school, with her going into Year 2 and him starting in Reception – where she was, such a short time ago.

The Countdown to School {The Ordinary Moments}

And now I have just a few months left of afternoons with Little Man, of having him here to watch movies with, snuggle on the sofa with, play with and have lunch with. It’s been lovely having a little companion for lunch each day and I will definitely miss that when he starts school.

Little Man has just one term left of nursery, a place that has seen him make such lovely friends and seen him learn so much before he has the summer holidays, time with LP and us. Then he’s off on a whole new adventure, one that he is just so excited for.

He is already talking about wearing uniform, wearing school shoes and having lunch at school. He is envious of LP’s lunch options each day and he hopes that he can sit with her for lunch and play with her at break times. I know that he has missed her since she started school and in a way school may give them a little extra time together – even though they are inseparable outside of school hours.

Little Man is so ready for school, he loves to learn and knows so much already – letters, numbers and writes his name with such pride. He is excited to follow in his sister’s footsteps, be dropped off and picked up at the same time and do all the things that she loves to do at school – have assemblies, PE and school discos!

I know Little Man will be fine in September and I know it will be here before I know it. It will just be me who will find it hard, not having a little person by my side for most of the day and looking forward to 3pm each day. But, it means that we will be living for the weekends – even more than we do now – and cramming as much as we can into each school holiday.

September will be here in a heartbeat but until then we have four whole months to enjoy – and six weeks of that will be a lovely summer of fun. I cannot wait for the summer holidays – nearly as much as Little Man cannot wait to start school.

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  1. I feel the same, time really has flown by hasn’t it and it is so bittersweet. I’m glad you got the same school for them both and that he’s excited about it x

  2. When my youngest was at the starting school age, we couldn’t get the school we wanted for him, so he went to a small village school many miles from home, it was great in the end though as the school was like a family and it suited him well, he is now an assistant manager of a well known supermarket, so he is doing extremely well!

  3. Ah its going to be so lovely to see them go off to school together. Alice talks all the time about the day that Holly will join her and she can’t wait to have her little sister with her. I know that it won’t be long until Holly joins her next year. Enjoy these next few months lovely, I have a feeling you are going to miss your little man more than you know. x

  4. I feel the same. Totally freaking out internally that my baby is going to school, but I also know that he is ready. Enjoy your summer with him lovely xx

  5. That is great new you got him into the school you wanted. I am in the same position with my little one as she starts in August and although I’m at work most of the week, it’s nice to hang out just me and her when I am off. It is good he is looking forward to it. It is bittersweet isn’t it. xx

  6. Aw I remember going through this with my two! My youngest is just finishing Year 1 now and I can hardly remember what it was like when I just had her at home – make the most of it! Glad that they are both in the same school, it will be easy for him as he knows the routine. Mine still play together whenever they can at school, they are so close!

  7. Donna what an exciting time for him! Its so lovely. But yes so much change and difference. It felt so weird when they were both in school, and I remember thinking how fast it had all gone. x #ordinarymoments

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