The First Half Term at School

That’s it. LP’s very first half term at school is done and dusted. She started in September as a very little just turned four year old and in the last 7 weeks she has learnt a new routine, she has made new friends and she has made us so proud.

Gone is the little girl who didn’t know any letters and here is a little girl that tells us letters and the sounds they make. Here is a little girl that eats lunch each day with her friends at school and tries new foods most days – not sticking to the jacket potato or pasta option like we thought but eating lots of vegetarian dishes, quorn and meat things too.

LP has got used to PE on a Wednesday, can almost get herself dressed and undressed – both for PE and before and after school – and still goes to swimming after school on a Thursday, although this is exhausting for her.

The last 7 weeks have been busy. Hectic even. Each day is a rush of school drop offs, plans and days out, running errands, doing housework and getting things done before we go and pick LP up again at 2:55pm – where she is so happy to see us, asks for a banana as a snack and spends the rest of the day until bed telling us everything she learnt, everything that happened at school and anything else that she thinks of.

I am ready for this half term break. I am ready to have a week away from the school run and a week with LP. Dave and I still have work for some of it but we have planned a lot of family time too – and even a little break away – and I can’t wait to just have some time with LP, uninterrupted by school.

LP loves school and she has settled in so well. I know that in a week she will go back without any issues and I will be counting down to Christmas. For now though – here’s to our first official school holiday and some quality time with LP.

The First Half Term at School


  • Donna Wishart

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  1. Oh it sounds like she’s taken to it all like a duck to water. And your experiences of the first term sound so similar to our own; our little man has just bloomed at school. But we are so ready for half term, a rest, and some family time together. x

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