LP is off on a New Adventure

Today LP starts school. It’s only a half day – and the same again tomorrow, but it’s still the start of this whole new adventure for her. Today she’ll get dressed into her ‘school unicorn’, she’ll put on her little velcro shoes and she’ll let me plait her hair. We’ll then walk her to school and she’ll go into her new class with some friends that she made last year at preschool and a lot of other new faces too. She’ll be welcomed by her new teacher, she’ll sit in the second line for assembly rather than the first and she’ll eat lunch with the rest of her class.

LP is at the start of something so big. She will spend at least the next 12 years of her life going through the education system and I hope she will enjoy it. I hope she will have a great time at school, make friends that will stay with her and learn so much at the same time.

For me, this is where our baby days end. Our life will now revolve around term time and school holidays but I’m not complaining. I know that we will relish the time we spend with LP, we will pack the holidays full of experiences and we will savour the last couple of years with Little Man before he too goes off to school too.

The last four years have been full of fun, adventures and a relaxed routine. We have worked our life around Dave’s shifts and for the first time we are now working our life around something else. It will be a learning curve for us all, a change of pace and a new experience and I am looking forward to it.

I can’t wait to see how LP takes to school, hear the things she has learnt and see her uniform fit her better as the months go by. Today LP starts school and it feels like it has come round so fast but we are all ready for this. Despite her only just turning four a couple of weeks ago she is confident, funny, talkative and imaginative. LP is going to love this new adventure of school.

LP is off on a New Adventure

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  1. i hope she had a great time! It’s so nerve wracking the first time, Reuben started back in April in the pre-reception class so although he knows everyone he was still nervous and so was I !! X

  2. Aw bless her! My eldest has just started secondary school and at 9 his brother is only 2 years behind him…It feels so strange and I suddenly feel not very needed gulp but very proud of the mini men they’re both becoming 🙂
    Stevie xx

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